청정원 돼지불고기 양념 500g View larger

청정원 돼지불고기 양념 500g

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Madrid Seoul Market

간편한 쇼핑-

  • 이베리아 반도 전지역 배송 (스페인, 포르투갈)
  • 스페인 전지역 현지 배송회사를 통한 신속배송
  • 만두, 어묵 아이스팩 기본포장
  • 매장 방문시 30분-2시간 무료주차

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Jinro Maehwasoo

Sweet Story about Plum

Rich with vitamins, plums improve blood circulation and keep your skin firm. It also contains pyruvate, which has a detoxification effect that is beneficial to the liver. Its weak alkalinity can also improve your constitution. Containing organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid, green plums also relieve fatigue.

Maturing and Cold Filtration of Premium Quality Green Plum

Jinro Maehwasoo is made using plum concentrate that is frozen and filtered at a low temperature to create a clean, smooth flavor. Jinro Maehwasoo can be enjoyed by anyone who prefers liquor with a low alcohol content as it is easy to drink with a subtle flavor.